Armenian Titanium Productions
“Armenian Titanium Production” LLC is one of the most dynamically developing metallurgical enterprises of Caucasus, showed itself as safe partners, producing high quality production for metallurgical industry Founded in year 1997, “ATP” LLS has already achieved notable results in ferrotitanium production. Modern technologies of production, marketing and management used on “ATP” LLC allow effective solving of all tasks concerned to production, shipment and social sphere. Constantly being involved in the process of scientific researches “ATP” LLC pays special attention to the ecological compatibility of its production. Metallurgical plants of European counties, Russian Federation, Japan, USA and other technologically developed countries are the consumers of our production. We will be glad to see you among of our partners and invite all interested people to cooperation.
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3/6 Arin-Berd st.,
Yerevan 0053,
Republic of Armenia,
phone/fax: (+374 10) 474802
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